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Inn-Room Massage Therapy

Relax Where you Stay


Need to unwind after a day of meetings, or a long day of travel? Our highly-skilled massage therapists can banish stress and muscle tension to help you get the rest you need. Why leave the comfort of your hotel room when Epic Bodyworks brings the massage right to you.

Our massage therapists are certified in several modalities - from soothing esalen to deep neuromuscular work. We are prompt, legitimate, and licensed massage therapists.

We're always professional and bring all of our own supplies, so once you make your appointment there is nothing else you need to do!


What to expect?

When you call or e-mail to schedule your appointment you will be asked a few questions in order to place you with a massage therapist. At the time of your appointment, your massage therapist will arrive with a massage table, massage oil or cream, linens, and a small music player. You will be asked to fill out a confidential health form while we set up. During your massage session you will be properly covered with linen drapes/blanket.


Service  |  Rate  |  Tax  |  Total

60 minutes | $102.54 |  $7.46  | $110.00

90 minutes | $139.83 | $10.17 | $150.00

2 hours       | $177.11 | $12.89 | $190.00

***Rates may vary depending on your location. Does not include gratuity.


We have zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior. If the Massage Therapist feels uncomfortable the session will end immediately.  Ordinances, laws, as well as Epic Bodyworks' policies are enforced.

Call 952.546.1364 or fill out form below to request a therapeutic massage

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