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As safe as can be...

We are using safe, sanitary procedures to keep our clients and staff healthy.  We  reopened July 6th, 2020 with a modified schedule. I'm watching the rate of infection numbers and will get back to our normal operating hours as things improve.  Please be patient with us as we navigate this - we want to be as safe as we can, and feel free to check back here for updates.  
The nature of therapeutic massage doesn't allow proper social distancing, so here is how we are operating:
Please be understanding that we won't be shaking hands as we usually do. 
Don't take offense - believe me, we are very happy to see you!

~ We ask that our clients wash their hands upon arrival, before settling in our reception area.
~ Clients are required to wear masks in our reception area, hallways, and during some sessions.  If you have questions about this please talk to someone at the front desk, or ask for a call back.  We do have paper masks available upon request - we have found they are easier to breathe through than most, and is helpful when laying face down.
~Staff will thoroughly wash our own hands, sanitize our therapy rooms after each session, and wear masks.  
~ All treatment rooms and the reception area have air purifiers running.

~ If you or someone you've been around has had ANY cold or flu-like symptoms you cannot book appointments until tested or symptoms are gone.  I realize people have allergies and being completely symptom-free can be difficult, but it's important to be sure we are providing a safe environment in these difficult times.  We need your help to make sure we can operate safely, so we may ask for a Doctors note saying you have allergies, for example.
~ Your appointment will be cancelled if your Therapist has symptoms.  We will make every effort to contact you if that happens to be the case. Please update your contact info online or by reaching out to us via phone or email.

I'll update this as more information is available to us.  If you want to reach out, feel free to leave a message for me at 952-546-1364, or email me directly at

We know we have the best and most supportive clients.  My sincere thanks to all of you for your patience through all of this.  This is new for us all.

Warmest regards,
Jess Lorentz
Owner, Epic Bodyworks, LLC

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