The Clinic

We do our best to maintain a quiet and relaxing atmosphere, complete with sound muffling water fountains, white noise machines, and relaxing music.


Our massage tables are as comfy as can be with heating pads, foam toppers, and soft linens.  During your massage we often use hot towels to further help you relax and enjoy your session.

Our Staff


You can get a relaxation massage at any massage business, but it can be difficult to find an experienced massage therapist.  All of our massage therapists have the training and experience to create session that's right for you - whether you want a stress relieving experience, or a skilled deep tissue massage.


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Our licensed Esthetician has been in the beauty business for 20 years and she takes the time to research her products.  She has a wonderful blend of nerdy skin care knowledge and creating a relaxing pampering service. 

Therapeutic massage...

1/2 Hour

$45 for 30 minutes

$3.39 Sales tax

$48.39 Total

1 Hour
$85 for 60 minutes
$6.39 Sales tax
$91.39 Total

1 1/2 Hours
$112.00 for 90 minutes
$8.43 Sales tax
$120.43 Total


2 Hours

$146.00 for 120 minutes

$10.99 Sales tax

$156.99 Total

*If you need to cancel or change an appointment, please let us know 24 hours in advance.  You are responsible for up to 1/2 of your appointment cost if cancellation made within 4 hours of your appointment start time. 

Heated Stone Massage
$125.00 for 90 minutes
$9.41Sales tax
$134.41 Total

*can be an add-on for longer sessions

* Sales tax is waived for those with a doctors referral.
All prices reflect SDP (same day pay) discount. Full prices are $30 per unit.

4 Pack
$308 for 4 - 60 minute sessions
$77.00 per session rate
$23.18 Sales tax
$331.18 Total

6 Pack
$450 for 6 - 60 minute sessions
$75 per session rate
$33.86 Sales tax
$483.86 Total

4 Pack

$416 for 4 - 90 minute sessions

$104per session rate

$31.30 Sales tax

$447.30 Total

6 Pack

$612 for 6 - 90 minute sessions

$102 per session rate

$46.05 Sales tax

$658.05 Total

Skin care...

(She was naturally the most beautiful woman in the world…even she could’ve used a bit of skin maintenance)

Our signature relaxing and rejuvenating facial. You’ll leave with a more radiant complexion, and our medical grade products help to repair skin and protect it from future damage. Our ‘Helen’ facial is a wonderfully relaxing and balanced service that is easily customized for your specific needs. As you relax you’ll be treated to 2 cleanses, a skin analysis, extractions (if needed/wanted), exfoliation, masking, toning, UV protection, and gentle face and neck massage. You can choose dry skin, pigmentation, acne treatment, or hydration
60 minutes$85/90 minutes $120


*Our licensed Esthetician uses medical grade Dermalogica products

(God of beauty and attraction)


This gentlemans’s facial is specially created for men to provide attractive, smooth skin that we imagine was the calling card of Adonis himself!  Bring out your inner Greek God.  Removes impurities and leaves your skin healthy and armed against sun damage. As you relax you’ll be treated to 2 cleanses, a skin analysis, extractions (if needed/wanted), exfoliation, masking, toning, UV protection, and gentle face and neck massage. You can choose dry skin, pigmentation, acne treatment, or hydration
60 minutes$85/90 minutes $120

(Greek Goddess of order and balance)

If you’re someone who wants to take care of your skin but have to keep an eye on your time or budget, this 30 minute express facial is for you! Our Themis facial is an abbreviated version of the full Helen facial  $45

(Beautiful and powerful warrior Goddess)

Our chemical peels are intended to help you bring out your inner beautiful, powerful Goddess! Advanced exfoliation stimulates new cell turn over and collagen production that reveals brighter, smoother skin.  Peels can focus on anti-aging, acne, or pigmentation
$120, or $30+ when added to a facial service

Optional facial enhancements…

Hand & Sole  $40
30 minute service including a scalp massage with aromatic foot scrub with hot towels

Anti-aging Eye Treatment $15

to hydrate and reduce wrinkles around the eyes

Neck & Decollete $20
add-on to care to help the skin to age gracefully by lifting aging skin and smoothing lines

Peppermint Scalp Massage $15
a stimulating yet soothing add-on that’ll have you purring mid-facial

Hand Facial $30

Cleansing, exfoliating and treatment mask followed with massage leaving your hands feeling soft and looking young

Eyebrow Tint $20

Plant based tints, lasts 2 to 4 weeks

10% off total when scheduling facial and massage services on the same day

(Goddess of taming the wild)

Artemis was tough, but you won’t need to invoke her strength to endure waxing.  We have gentle waxes and soothing lotions to calm your skin after your wax

Brow $25

Brow & tint $45

Lip, chin, cheeks $15 per area

Nose $10

Ears $15 

Bikini $42

French Bikini  $55

Full back $60

*15% off when scheduling 3 or more wax areas in an appointment

Hebe's Secrets
(Greek Goddess of youth)


If seeking to slow the hands of time, you could do worst than take suggestions from the daughter of Zeus and wife of Hercules!  These advances in skin care weren't available to Hebe but as a gorgeous Goddess she didn't need them.  Us mere mortals don't tend to mind getting a little help 

Classic white marble statue of Hebe, the goddess of youth, isolated on black

Micro-current Facial

60 Minutes  $115


Micro-current facial is a therapeutic treatment that delivers safe, painless, low-level electrical impulses to strategic locations. This firms and tones the facial muscles on both an immediate and long-term basis. The technology also simultaneously repairs collagen at a cellular level. 

​Micro-current benefits:

  • Lifts and improves muscle tone in the face and neck

  • Reduce and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles

  • Improve facial circulation

  • Lymphatic drainage


Dermaplaning Express Facial

30 Minutes  $70

 Removal of outermost layer of dead skin cells and vellous hair.

Dermaplaning Benefits: 

  • Minimizes Fine lines & wrinkles

  •  Reduces unwanted texture, leaving skin smooth & supple

  •  Removes soft facial hair that traps dirt and oils

  • Instant results and no downtime

* Facial hair that is removed with dermaplaning will not grow back thicker or darker. This is a common misconception about dermaplaning services.

75min $130 

Our new Microexfoliation service is finally here! This service is more commonly known as microneedling, with a few differences. 
The machine uses similar exfoliating cartridges without the needles. It allows us to infuse the skin with pure collagen, while deeply exfoliating at the same time. "Downtime", or healing time, is cut in half.  Instead of 2 to 3 weeks of healing, its about 3 to 6 days depending on your skin type.

​  Microexfoliation benefits:

  • stimulate collagen production 

  •  reduce scar tissue

  •  break up uneven pigment and texture 

  • reduce fine lines & troublesome wrinkles

  • tighten & increase skin elasticity

*Please call or email with any questions you have about this service before booking

Lash Lift

60 Minutes  $90


A lash perming treatment used to enhance your natural lashes, making them appear fuller and longer. This is a great lash extension alternative for people with adhesive allergies and sensitive eyes. Or anyone who wants that beautiful full lash look.  A unique technique is used to combine a lifting lotion and silicone rods to lift and fan your natural lashes. Results can last 6-9 weeks, and even longer when using a lash growth serum.

You do need to stay clean and dry, no heat, no mascara for 24hrs after the service, please consider this when booking. After 24hrs, you may use non-waterproof mascara if needed. Waterproof mascara and heavy, or harsh, makeup removers can change how long your your lash lift will last.


Eye Rejuvenation

45 Minutes  $75


A soothing eye treatment to reduce under eye puffiness, and minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Paired with a brow wax, brow tint, and microcurrent for a complete eye "pick me up"


Refresh those tired feet...

30 Minute Reflexology

$45 for 30 minutes

$3.39 Sales tax

$48.39 Total

60 Minute Reflexology
$85 for 60 minutes
$6.39 Sales tax
$91.39 Total

Summer 2022:
60 minute reflexology at $75!

LED Light Therapy

30 Minutes  $40, or add on to your facial for $20


Light therapy is commonly used to treat acne, wrinkles, muscle pain, or hair loss.